Costs of Informal Care

Informal caregiving refers to the help and support family members and friends provide daily to individuals who are either temporarily or permanently unable to function independently.

Providing informal care for your family and friends can make you more confident in your abilities, bring you closer to your loved ones and create satisfaction that they are receiving quality care.

Of course providing informal care for your family and friends can create challenges as well:

Physical Challenges

We don’t realize the tremendous physical demands of caring for another person.

Lifting them in and out of their bed or chair. Helping them move from room to room. Getting them in and out of the bathtub.

Day after day, preparing their meals and perhaps feeding them. It takes a physical toll on even the strongest of us.

Financial Consequences

The financial implications for informal family caregivers are extensive as well.

Many end up needing to quit their jobs prematurely, leading not only to an immediate loss of income but also the ability to save for their own retirement and long-term care.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

You and your family do not have to take on all of these problems without help.

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